The Dental Card Terms and Conditions


Ownership of materials and intellectual property rights - The Dental Card LLC ("The Dental Card") owns all intellectual property rights on this site and in the material published on it. No copying, reproduction and/or misuse of the site, its contents and design without prior written authorization is allowed.

Unauthorised use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

Our liability - Dental Care Providers ("Dentists") associated with The Dental Card have been contracted to offer their services in agreement with certain commitments to  member(s) ("Member").

The Dental Card is not legally or otherwise responsible for any loss or damages arising from non-performance or from any services provided by Dentists associated with The Dental Card. Cancellations or changes made by or to the Member's appointments shall not render The Dental Card liable in any way.

The Dental Card does not guarantee the availability of any Dentists nor for the treatment nor outcome of their services. All services provided to Member(s) shall be the responsibility of the respective Dentists selected by the Member and The Dental Card shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever thereof.

Member will indemnify and hold harmless The Dental Card, its partners, officers, directors, agents, parent company, employees and affiliates, from and against any and all liabilities including without limitation death and disability, injury, claims, misconduct, third party claims, demands, expenses, fees, fines, suits, all kinds of losses without limitation loss of revenue, profit, business, investment and damage of every kind (including but not limited to fees and expenses of legal counsel), arising out of or resulting from any breach or alleged breach, acts, omissions, negligence, misconduct or fraud, default by any Dentists or its employees or any individual or entity under the control of the Dentists, whether between the parties or in relation to third parties.

Cancellation policy - In the unlikely event that any Dentist is unable to fulfil their obligation due to any reason whatsoever, The Dental Card's policy, and without any legal obligation, is to refund the Member the amount paid by the Member. All purchases are final and any amounts to be refunded will be at the sole discretion of The Dental Card and will be made by the original mode of payment received only.

Use of member card - membership card is strictly to be used by its Members. The card is not to be copied, reproduced or misused in any way. Transferring the card by/to anyone other than an authorized user(s) of the card will be deemed a violation of the Terms and Conditions.

When visiting any Dental Card affiliated Clinic Members are to present their dental card to reception in order to avail the 30% savings.

Delivery of member card - membership card will be sent to your email immediately if paying by credit card or within a few hours if paying by cash on delivery. If you do not receive your membership card within this period please contact

Miscellaneous - I have read, understood and agreed to all covered services, payment schedules, and the terms and conditions of The Dental Card.

The Dental Card reserves the right to cancel the membership allotted to a Member at any time at their sole discretion without ascribing any reasons.

The Dental Card is not responsible and assumes no liability for any disruption or cancellation of service in case the payment made through any means gets rejected/ delayed or the payment cheques are dishonoured. membership will remain suspended till the realization of the payment.

These Terms & Conditions and other policies as well as the use of this website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of United Arab Emirates.